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HD TV | Film

As more make-up artists discover Airbase, it is now regularly used in the unforgiving world of high definition (HD) TV and film. The latest technological advance on the screen has proved to be a step too far for traditional film and TV make-ups that are no longer “flawless” enough.

Airbase was designed by an Oscar-nominated make-up artist for professionals and is regularly used by herself and her associates on film sets of large Hollywood movies. She carefully chose the shades so that all skin tones could be matched and was insistent that a good quality high definition make-up must have a silicone base.

Make-up artists on Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor also love the ease and speed of Airbase Make-Up and the on-screen talent love the flawless finish in this high definition era.

Airbase is also used for music video’s.

Karen Alder, Make-up Artist to the stars including; Pixie Lott, Sienna Miller and Kylie Minogue to name a few, announced her love for Airbase Make-Up in her latest blog post… where Airbase was used on Katy B’s video for ‘Easy Please Me’

Airbase was the secret behind Rihanna’s porcelain finish in her video ‘You Da One’.

Bridal | Special Occasion

Airbase Make-Up is durable, flawless and long lasting making it perfect for any special occasion. Thanks to Airbase you can now stay out from dusk until dawn with no touch ups. The combination of silicone and polymers within Airbase means that your perfect make-up will stand up to whatever your occasion may be whether its a night of dancing with the girls, School Formal, Occasion Ball, or New Years Eve Party, Airbase Make-Up is perfect for any occasion.

“Once again I had the tremendous pleasure of working on Katy B’s latest video, “Easy please me”. It was an extremely long day, so thank goodness for the Airbase system. It’s amaaaaaaaazing! I am a total convert. It gives a flawless finish to the skin, yet so incredibly lightweight and the staying power is fantastic.

Quite frankly it makes me look like the best make up artist in town!!!!!!”

Karen Alder | Make-Up Artist